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Sammy Barton, Owner of Blush Boutique

Nicholls, ACT Australia

``Our Christmas campaign increased Gift Voucher sales by 65% compared to the previous year. The Marketing PRO promotion achieved 36 times return on investment!``
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Libby Stockwell, Owner of Elle Hart Beauty

Bunbury, WA Australia

``Our Mother's Day marketing campaign through Marketing PRO was the best one we have ever had - over $23,000 in treatment and gift voucher sales!``
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Nicole Mastroieni, Owner of Anshelle Beauty Salon

Camden NSW, Australia

``I implemented a Power of Three Facial promotion from Marketing PRO during my quietest month, and this campaign was amazing for my business! I achieved $9,700 in sales - all by myself!``
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Radji Gemeri, Owner of Pause Mediclinic

Southport QLD, Australia

``For my first campaign, my new therapist rang clients who had booked Tixel (advanced skin treatment) in the past and we had 13 clients pre-booked, $7,780 earned before the first email even got out. The total results we got was 67 bookings for that promotion, just in excess of $33,000 of treatment only. It doesn't include any skincare sales or any additional treatments.``
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Jessica O'Sullivan, Owner of Skinsational Cosmetic Nursing

Wangaratta, VIC, Australia

``Our IPL promotion produced $8,400 in revenue - just the IPL, no retail involved (17x ROI). For the birthday bundle, 22 clients booked in for that promotion. Both new clients and those who haven't come back for a while availed the offer. We earned just over $4500 (10x ROI) for that one. Lastly, our Tribella promotion brought in just under $30,000 (63x ROI)!``
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Megan O'Donnell, Owner of Vanish Skin and Laser

Bundaberg Central QLD, Australia

``The Marketing PRO campaign focusing on Skin Needling was immensely beneficial to my business. Not only financially but for staff confidence and also to get great before and after photos. We achieved more than $20,000 in treatment bookings and retail sales.``
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Cindy and Ash, Owners of Amour Beauty

Horsham, VIC Australia

``The Marketing PRO promotion for Advanced Modality Treatments achieved 84 times return on investment! The team sold 74 treatments, average client spend for the campaign was $262.``
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Pamela Lanigan, Owner of Elements Beauty Spa

Applecross, WA Australia

``Given the interest rates and general economic woes right now, I am happy to have sold even just one more than last year, let alone the increase we achieved. The Marketing PRO Promotion Increased Gift Voucher sales by 80% compared to the previous year. Achieved 26xROI.``
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Jen Thompson, Azalea Beauty & Skin

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

``Thank you so much, Vanessa! I just made this sale, the biggest one I've ever done, $962.20! For years, a brow client with me had her first facial at our clinic with our Mother's Day campaign. I used our transition strategy with the Observ to introduce our skin-needling package. My client was excited to invest in her skin and get started on her treatment plan and home care regime!``
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Jo Kazan, Clinic Owner of Peninsula Skin Co

Dromana, VIC Australia

``Super happy! We have never really bothered with Mother's Day before, but it was such a great campaign. We have achieved 30 x ROI. Increased Gift Voucher sales by 265% compared to the previous year.``