Marketing PRO is a 12-month Campaign Marketing Program for beauty salon, spa and skin clinic owners who need an easy way to create and implement their annual campaign marketing.

We have taken care of everything for you!


“If you are serious about your campaign marketing and taking your salon to the next level, you really shouldn’t hesitate and join Marketing PRO today. My Christmas campaign turned over upwards of $70k+, thanks to the Salon Marketing Solutions team’s marketing expertise and Canva templates.”

Libby Stockwell, Owner of Elle Hart Beauty
Bunbury, WA Australia


As a member, you will get access to over 150 Marketing Campaign Sets, with new sets regularly added to each of the 10 different treatment and retail categories on the Marketing PRO portal.

1. Join and become a Marketing PRO Member

2. The Marketing PRO Member platform will automatically email you with login credentials, including your password.

3. Upon logging in, you will have access to 10 CREDITS to download 10 Marketing Campaigns, selected from a choice of over 150 sets, plus the following essential resources.

Marketing PRO Essential Resources For Your Success

1. The Annual Campaign Planner Poster

The poster is your salon’s marketing plan, campaign timeline and calendar, letting you and the team know:

• When a campaign starts and ends

• A 12-month implementation plan includes the specific dates to execute and schedule the graphics contained in each Marketing PRO campaign set

You will download and print the poster in A0 or A1 size to display on the wall in the staff room.

Watch this video to see how you’ll use the Annual Campaign Planner Poster:

2. The Implementation Guide

A comprehensive guide to effortlessly implement the 10 marketing campaigns per year, featuring demonstration videos for:

• Loading and scheduling emails

• Generating URL shortener links using bitly

• Essential features for Canva

• How to change the graphics using Canva to personalise each set to your salon’s brand, treatments, and brands you work with within the salon.

• A demonstration video on how to implement a Marketing PRO campaign set

Marketing Campaign Spotlight Sheet

Each Marketing PRO campaign set includes an individual Spotlight Sheet, a guide designed to ensure you cover all your bases to launch a successful promotion, from establishing the objectives to the team meeting, deciding on sales targets, and so much more!

Marketing Campaign Set Selection

Once you have decided on the treatment focus for each promotion and filled in the Annual Campaign Planner Poster, the next step is to select the Marketing Campaign Sets you would like to download. You’ll do this by logging into the Marketing PRO Member Portal.

The graphics have been created by industry experts, including marketing strategy and copy, and professional graphic designers. You’ll be able to browse the 10 categories and 150+ Marketing Campaign Sets.

Watch this video to take a tour of the Marketing PRO portal:

Marketing Campaign Sets Preview Videos

The Salon Marketing Solutions team has created a short video for each of the 150+ Marketing Campaign Sets created for Marketing PRO Members. The 2-minute videos allow Members to view each set, understand the promotion’s objective, and get a closer look at the artwork and design, before selecting the set as one of your 10 downloads for the year.

Training Video – How to use Canva with Marketing PRO

Each of the main marketing campaign sets includes up to 20 graphics. Change colours, fonts, images, copy, offer inclusions and contact details effortlessly using Canva. Get access to a comprehensive demonstration video on using Canva with Marketing PRO when you join the program.


“Having the templates in Canva makes editing so effortless you do not need to be a computer wiz or marketing genius to have fantastic looking marketing; that’s why I joined Marketing PRO.”

Libby Stockwell, Owner of Elle Hart Beauty
Bunbury, WA Australia

We created Marketing PRO for busy salon owners just like you to save time & make campaign marketing easy.

Watch this video to see how you will use Canva to change the graphics included in a Marketing PRO set.

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