Help your beauty salon & skin clinic owners
be more successful with marketing

And make a new, passive income stream for your business at the same time!

Do you partner with beauty salon, spa and skin clinic owners?

Would you agree that marketing is not one of their strengths, and they struggle to find the time to market their business to grow and make more money?

With Salon Marketing Solutions, you can make it happen and help the salons, spas, and clinics you already work with manage their campaign marketing effortlessly and generate more profit.

Anyone working in the B2B space in the professional beauty and skincare industry knows those salon owners who are confident in marketing, understand marketing strategies, have a brand, and have a knack for writing compelling copy. They sell more products and get more bookings.

Imagine this...

The salons and clinics working with your brands are consistent with their campaign marketing and have a 12-month plan. They implement professionally designed graphics with a strong offer backed by a strategy resulting in more bookings and sales.

A salon owner who feels confident with marketing can effectively scale their business through skin treatments and prescriptive retailing, which they all strive to achieve!

It’s the dream, but it can also be their reality, thanks to Marketing PRO – great for the salon and for your business, too!

Whether you’re a distributor, salon software brand, business coach, marketing consultant, industry educator or marketing agency that works directly with beauty salons, spas or skin clinics, we have an affiliate program designed for you to help your salon clients!


Finding the right Members for Marketing PRO starts with our valued affiliate partners. Spread the word about
Salon Marketing Solutions and our Marketing PRO program with the salon, spa and clinic owners you already have established relationships with, and we’ll show our gratitude with a generous passive income stream.

Monthly Commission

Earn 20% of the Marketing PRO fees from each salon you introduce for the first 12-months of their Membership.

Affiliate Partner Dashboard

View the complete history (and filter) through all your affiliate data including:

• Total earnings
• Total commissions paid out
• Number of visits (referrals with your Affiliate link)
• Conversions rate (visits to Members)

Marketing Resources

We’ve made it easy for you to promote Marketing PRO with your clinic partners! Gain access to everything you need to introduce Marketing PRO and all the benefits a salon owner will enjoy with our Affiliate Partner Marketing Kit.