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Up to 10 Campaign Sets


$59.88 USD/wk (Billed Weekly)
$259.49 USD/mo (Billed Monthly)

1 X Promotions Page for your website

1 X Banner for the home page of the website

3 X Emails

  • Campaign Launch Email
  • Secondary Email (sent mid-campaign)
  • Campaign Wrap-up Email

1 X Facebook Banner

1 X Facebook Group Banner

2 X Social Media Story Graphics

2 X Facebook Graphics

2 X Instagram Graphics

4 X Organic Social Media Graphics

1 X Instagram Reel

1 X Large Poster (A1 size)

1 X Double-Sided Flyer (A6 size)

Copy for SMS Message

3 X Email Subject Lines

Implementation Guide

Campaign Spotlight Guide for high-performance teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 12-months because you need to market your treatments consistently throughout the year. The most successful beauty salon owners plan and implement an annual marketing plan year in, year out without missing a beat, and that’s what we want for our members too.

We have spent the last three years testing and measuring the ideal length of time for beauty salons and skin clinics to run a successful promotion, and the data has shown it’s 6-weeks. The benefits of running a promotion for approximately  6 weeks includes:

  1. 1. The team get time to settle into the promotion and talk to their clients about the offer if they feel the treatment will benefit them.
  2. 2. Most salons and clinics average frequency of visits for existing clients is 5-6 weeks. Running a promotion for approximately 6 weeks allows your clients to hear about the latest promotion from the team and see the print pieces (posters included in the set) during their regular appointment, prompting a conversation about the offer with the team.
  3. 3. It reduces your workload and saves you money. Running a different promotion every month is hard work and puts pressure on you and the team. Monthly marketing also requires many emails and SMS messages going out to your database, which can cause contact fatigue for your clients, and you may start to see an increase in unsubscribes.

We recommend running 8 major marketing campaigns each year to generate growth through facials & advanced skin treatments, with each promotion lasting for approximately 6 weeks. Plus, two shorter campaigns, Mother’s Day to increase Gift Voucher sales and Black Friday to increase retail sales making it 10 marketing campaigns.

No, you can substitute both Mother’s Day and Black Friday with any of the 130 plus sets available to you as a Member of the Marketing PRO program. The 12 month marketing planner and calendar allows for 8 major campaigns plus Mother’s Day and Black Friday, but you can customise the planner to suit your business.

It is possible to cancel your membership if your circumstances change at the discretion of Salon Marketing Solutions. You’ll email your intention to cancel with notice (30 days) for our management team to receive and consider your request.

The benefit of joining Marketing PRO for 12 months is that Members receive a 40% discount on the standard price for each marketing campaign set, representing a significant saving towards your annual marketing spend. Upon Salon Marketing Solutions approving your request to cancel, you’ll need to pay the difference between the standard price per set ($780) and the member-only discounted price ($486 unless any other discount applies) for each set you have downloaded during your membership when active. Refer to the terms and conditions page of this website for full details.

You need basic Canva experience to use the marketing campaign sets available through Marketing PRO. If you have never used Canva, the company does offer free tutorials and courses to learn how to use the platform via their website. Salon Marketing Solutions provides demonstration videos on how to use the essential features of Canva, plus a complete demonstration video on how to make changes to a Marketing PRO set using Canva PRO in the Implementation Guide included in the Program. In addition to these resources, we also offer Live Canva Training through Zoom for our members every other week for free.